Business Foundations

You’ve taken the leap and started your business! Congratulations! We’re excited for you and would love to help you along your journey.

Our Business Foundation Service is designed to get you started out on the right foot. We’ll meet with you, discuss the best entity choice for you, and help you set up your QuickBooks.

In addition to filing the necessary forms, we offer advisory services with software selection, pricing strategy, setting up or improving key business systems including: enterprise management systems, financial management, operations management, service management, & improvement management systems.

How We Help:

  • Entity Type:  We will walk you through the multiple types of entity’s and how it will affect your business. When your company is set up correctly from the start, it will help ensure against overpaying taxes or worse double taxation.
  • Retirement Plan: We will help you pick the best retirement plan for tax purposes
  • Systems Management: We will streamlined processes, and offer insight into company strategy and organization performance. Our experts can help ensure your business systems are set up to support maximum operational efficiency.